Digital Stereo Image Gallery

Gallery I: California Skiing, Mountain Biking, Fly Fishing.

These images were aquired in and around Grass Valley, California from January through March 2003.   I used a Sony DSC-S50 digital camera, a Tri-Delta Prism Stereo adapter, and I used Photoshop Elements to set up the images.

The crossed and parallel page images are around 40K each, and the set of 8 image pairs (about 700K) will take about 2.4 minutes to load with a 56Kbps modem (so grab a snack while they are loading). These galleries assume a screen resolution of 1024x768, so if the images seem too big to view or fit on the screen, consider increasing the resolution of your screen.

Stereo Pairs Crossed View
Stereo Pairs Parallel View

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