Stereo Gallery: Fall Colors, Grass Valley California

These images were aquired October 21-22, 2005.    I used hand-held twin Sony DSC-V3 digital cameras with a LANC Shepherd wired remote for the first eleven images.   The critters on the underside of a leaf were imaged using a 10x stereo microscope and a hand-held Sony DSC-S50 camera through the oculars.   The last four images were obtained using a Sony DSC-V3 camera and a slide bar on a tripod.   I used Stereo Photo Maker to prepare the images.

The crossed and parallel page images are around 400K each.   These galleries assume a screen resolution of 1024x768, so if the images seem too big to view or fit on the screen, consider increasing the resolution of your screen (to decrease the apparent image size).  Click on the thumbnail images below--images will open full size in a new window.   If the images appear 'jaggy', try disabling your browser image resizing (tools>internet options>advanced>multimedia>automatic image resizing).

Images for Crossed Viewing:

Images for Parallel Viewing:

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