Stereo Gallery: Delta Striper Fly Fishing

These stereo images were acquired November, 2006 on the delta waterway in the central Sacramento Valley near Lodi, California.   The water of the delta is oddly higher than the surrounding farm land, with an endless series of dikes creating a confusing network of channels.   However, the water supports much wildlife, including the predatory striped bass that hunt the channels in groups.  The fish we caught were all released.  I used twin Sony DSC-V3 digital cameras, with a LANC Shepherd Pro wired remote, and I used Stereo Photo Maker to set up the images.

The crossed and parallel page images are around 400K each.   These galleries assume a screen resolution of 1024x768, so if the images seem too big to view or fit on the screen, consider increasing the resolution of your screen (to decrease the apparent image size).  Click on the thumbnail images below--images will open full size in a new window.

Images for Crossed Viewing:

Images for Parallel Viewing:

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