LANC Shepherd

Wired Remote for Stereo Video and Digital Stereo Photography

Introduction: The LANC Shepherd controls twin Sony digital cameras, and allows exposures, even with flash, that are remarkably well synchronized. The LANC Shepherd also controls twin Sony or Canon video cameras, allowing highly synchronized video frames and still capture.

The LANC Shepherd has two cables, one for each camera, each with a 2.5mm three conductor plug, and simply plugs into the "ACC" port of each camera (LANC port on video cameras, or A/V-R port of video cameras when used with an adapter). It coordinates synchronized camera power-up and power-down, focus lock, shutter, and zoom functions, and displays the synchronization of the cameras' internal electronics. It also has a 10 second self-timer, allowing the photographer to get into the picture, and includes a formal interval timer with intervals from 2 seconds to 24 hours, for time lapse photography in stereo. For video cameras, the LANC Shepherd controls record, zoom, and still image capture, with adjustable zoom rate, and the LANC Shepherd can control play back and record in VCR mode. Offset powerup also is available for improved powerup synchronization with both digital still cameras and video cameras.

Compatible Cameras: This device uses the "ACC" port on upper end Sony digital cameras and the "LANC" port on newer upper end Sony and Canon video cameras. Compatible digital cameras include the Sony Mavica MVC-CD500, and the Sony Cybershot DSC-S75, DSC-S85, DSC-V1, DSC-V3, DSC-F717, DSC-F828, and DSC-R1 (manual zoom only on the F828 and R1).

The LANC Shepherd also supports Sony and Canon video cameras with a "LANC" port (there are hundreds of models), although Canon video cameras do not support the still image capture function through the LANC port.

The LANC port on some Sony consumer level camcorders is labeled “Remote". These are identified as a 2.5mm, stereo mini, or MiniPlug "Remote Jack" in specifications (as opposed to an IR infrared "Remote Control" sensor), and labeled "Remote" on the camera. For example, the Sony DCR-SR100 hard disk camcorder, the Sony HDR-SR1 hard disk high definition camcorder, and the Sony DCR-DVD405 DVD camcorder are confirmed to work with the LANC Shepherd through this "Remote" jack.

Sony consumer camcorders with the "Audio/Video Remote" jack (A/V-R) include a LANC connection within this 10-pin jack. By using a 'LANC to A/V-R adapter' (available at VariZoom, B&H Photography and Video, Studio1 Productions, and elsewhere) for each cable, the LANC Shepherd can be used to control these Sony video cameras that have an A/V-R jack.

Caution: Even within same camera models, there are some manufacturing variances, and even cameras purchased at the same time with sequential serial numbers may not be perfectly matched in all functions.

Ordering: The LANC Shepherd is available from Berezin Stereo Photography Products.

USER MANUAL: Additional information about the LANC Shepherd, detailed user instructions, and more stereo pictures are included here.

The Pictures: Here are a few sample images for your enjoyment. These pairs are big, 900x600, and I need to use a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 to view them on a web page. I apologize to those of you without broadband also--the compression is mild, because I can't stand to see JPEG compression artifacts in stereo. These images all open in a new window. Optimized for screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher, 32 bit color. The stereo pairimages were obtained using a pair of Sony DSC-V1 cameras.

Crossed View Parallel View 256k.
Nevada City, CA
A squad of revolutionary war drummers warms up for our local constitution day parade.

Crossed View Parallel View 170k.
Agate Beach, Patricks Point State Park, in northern California.
This beach has a wicked rip tide, but telling kids to stay out of the water only enhances the excitement of wave chasing for them. Shutter priority 1/500 sec, fill flash right camera. I had to run like crazy after this shot to stay dry.

Crossed View Parallel View 378k.
Owens Valley, along the eastern Sierras, California.
The breeze here made some of the aspen leaves flutter like giant butterflies--I am surprised by how often shutter sync does not seem to be an issue until I finally see the images in stereo. The perspective here is a little odd with the slope and crooked trees.

Crossed View Parallel View 275k.
South coast Hawaii, the big island. Lava from Pu'u O'o crater.
We hiked about 2.5miles cross country and up about 1000 feet from the end of "Chain of Craters Road" to find the active flow. I can't describe to you our excitement and awe on finding the flow. It must be a brain stem level primordial thing--it is deeply hypnotic watching the lava creep crackling and popping over itself down the mountain, at once destroying everything in its path yet creating new earth. I had to make it quick with the pictures--I was not sure how much heat I or the camera could take. In the background, we could see fires where the flow was cutting through a section of forest. You can read more about the mountain's activity on the USGS site here.

Good luck,
Rob Crockett
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