LCD Sync Shepherd

Sync Meter for Stereo Digital Photography and Video

Introduction: This device has two cables, one for each camera, and simply plugs into the video port of each camera. Similar in concept to the original Sync Shepherd, this device uses a microprocessor to measure and display on an LCD the synchronization of the two cameras' internal electronics. This device does not otherwise control the cameras in any way, and is intended for video cameras or digital cameras that do not have a LANC or ACC port. If a pair of cameras have LANC or ACC ports, a LANC Shepherd would be by far the preferred way to control and monitor the cameras instead of the LCD Sync Shepherd shown here.

Compatibility: This device will accept NTSC or PAL composite video from any pair of devices. The standard cable plugs supplied with this device are regular 3.5mm (1/8 inch) stereo phono male plugs, and will plug into the video-out port on most Sony, Canon, and Nikon still cameras, and most video cameras. HP, Kodak, and Fuji digital cameras have a smaller 2.5mm (3/32 inch) mono phono plug, and this plug is available as an option with the LCD Sync Shepherd. Standard RCA style plugs are also used on some higher end video cameras, and this plug also is available as an option on the LCD Sync Shepherd as well.

How it works: Similar to the original Sync Shepherd, the LCD Sync Shepherd uses a pair of video sync separator chips to generate a pair of square waves corresponding to the video fields. A microprocessor is then used to measure the time difference between the field square waves, and displays this information on the LCD in both fractional second and millisecond formats. Looking at the LCD Sync Shepherd from the front, the right hand cable is "master" and the left is "slave", and the LCD Sync Shepherd indicates which of the two cameras is lagging behind the other as "M" or "S". The only controls are a momentary button and a slide switch along the right side of the enclosure for thumb control of the device's power. The unit contains a six volt lithium battery (Duracell 28L or equivalent) that will provide about 24 hours of continuous operation. If the battery ever needs to be changed, simply remove the four screws on the back panel, open the enclosure, remove the old battery from the clips, and slip in a new one. The battery has a plastic sleeve to prevent the holder clips from shorting out the battery--just move the sleeve from the old battery to the new one before installing the new battery.

Obtaining a LCD Sync Shepherd: Sorry, this product is not currently available.

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Rob Crockett
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