Bear Valley
Thermal Duration Site

Description:  This site, a large alpine meadow, is located about 25 miles east of Grass Valley on Highway 20, near the intersection with Highway 80.

Directions:  From Grass Valley, go north on Highway 49/20 and continue east on Highway 20 about 25 miles, for a 30 minute drive, about 2 miles before Highway 20 joins Highway 80 at Yuba Pass. As you drop into the valley, turn right on Zeibright Road. The pavement ends within a few hundred feet, but continue on the grass/dirt road for about 1/2 mile to the middle of the meadow. This beautiful site is not public property, but belongs to PG&E, so smile and wave at everyone you meet, and leave it exactly as you found it. The grass is lush and knee-deep, and the ground is soft. Be careful the ground is not too soft for your vehicle in the spring.

Flying:  Set up your highstart or winch facing into the wind, and launch. Dispite the high altitude (about 5000 feet), the thermals are abundant, and winds provide excellent wave lift along the sides of the valley and above stands of trees. Those trees are mighty tall though, so make very sure your plane is well clear of them.

The first image above is looking north toward the highway. The second image is looking down on the meadow from the vista point on Highway 80 east of the meadow.

Rob Crockett

Yahoo map.

TerraServer SpyCam photo.

TopoZone map of the site.

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