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The Hanger

Gold Country R/C Soaring

Radio Controlled Soaring and Gliding in
Grass Valley, Nevada City, and Auburn.

Dedicated to R/C soaring and gliding in the Neveda County and Placer County areas of northern California.  To see where we are, check out the Satellite photo here (GOES-10). 

Interested in learning more about R/C gliders?  Check out Fatlions's R/C Soaring site for a trove of information about gliders, starting out, electronics . . . the works.  Want to see R/C gliders first hand?  Visit a Sacramento Valley Soaring Society monthly contest or club meeting--visitors are always welcome, and there are usually about 45 people flying gliders at the monthly contest in Davis, just west of Sacramento.  Want more information about R/C anything?  Just ask at your local hobby shop, or check out a local shop in our area.

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