Electronic Projects for R/C Planes

Simple charge rate limiter. Use your wall charger to charge small mA battery packs with this charge rate limiter.
Deluxe charge rate limiter. Use your wall charger to simultaneously charge two small mA packs.

Downed plane locator. Loud buzzer helps you locate your slope plane in the brush or weeds.
Another plane locator.  This circuit is easier to build and works great.

Precision Receiver Battery Low Voltage Alarm. Lightweight alarm in your plane warns of impending control failure.
Another Receiver Battery Low Voltage Alarm. Simple, and an use only Radio Shack parts for this alarm.
The ULTIMATE Receiver Battery Low Voltage Alarm.  Five parts and no circuit board, low power, light.

*SLOPE SHEPHERD Low Voltage Alarm and Plane Locator.  This is the one in most of my ships now.

"CLONEPAC" memory module for Futaba 8UAF/8UAP  Build a memory module for your transmitter.

Battery discharger.  Discharges your receiver NiCad battery to a set voltage, then stops with an alarm.

Assembling your own servo connectors.  A tutorial to help you make servo connectors.
Making Printed Circuit Boards. A brief tutorial to get you started making printed circuit boards.
Soldering Tips.  A thousand words to help you get started with your soldering iron and solder.

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