Red Rock
Slope Soaring Site
Stead, Nevada

Description:  This site, located about 10 miles north of Reno Nevada near the site famous annual air races at the Stead airfield, is a ridge about 500 feet above a small lake and community.  The slope faces directly west, and a north through west wind works here.  With only a minimal wind, this steep slope gives great lift with a huge lift band.

Directions:  Find yourself near the intersection of  I-80 and I-395 in Reno, Nevada.  Go 10.2 miles north on I-395, and turn off on exit 78 "Red Rock Road".  Go right/north 2.9 miles through a small community, and turn left on Silver Knolles Road, a gravel road heading west.  Just a short distance in, turn left/south at the green water tower, then immediately right/west alongside the corral onto a tiny dirt road.  A short distance in, turn right/north at the "T" in the road.  At the confluence of several roads, continue straight/west.   At the fork, turn right onto the slightly smaller  and lower road, continuing west.  Drive to the summit, and park.  A pole with streamer, and a steel plaque mark the main site, just south of the summit, overlooking the lake and small community to the west.  Carpeting has been staked to the ground at several locations, presumably for landing.

Flying:  Flown there twice, once with very light air, once with medium lift.  Yep, there are rocks everywhere, some red.  A beautiful site, spectacular at sunset.  The lift band is huge here with a little wind from the west or north-west, and miles long. From the main flying site, you can land easily in the low brush and grass behind the hill where there are very few rocks. The front of the hill is another matter and not recommended. Bring some dark sunglasses and a contrasty finish on your ship--the sun in the afternoon is right in your eyes.

The first image above is looking west, and the second is looking back east toward the Stead airfield, site of the air races.

Rob Crockett

Yahoo map.

TopoZone map of the site. Several of the dirt roads now present are not on the map, so I've drawn them in on this GIF in yellow.

Stead weather 677-0589

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