Spenceville Wildlife Area Slope Site

Smartville, California

Description:  This is a small SW facing slope located about 20 minutes drive from Grass Valley. This a state wildlife area and is open to the public, and the slope is a short walk from a dirt road.

Directions:  This site part of the main Spenceville Wildlife Area and is located near the hiking and equestrian sites. From Grass Valley, drive west 12.7 miles on Highway 20, and turn left/south on Smartville Road at the "Beale AF Base" sign near the totem pole and rock sculptures. Drive another 0.9 miles, and vear left at the fork, still on Smartville Road. Drive about 4.5 miles, and turn left onto Waldo Road, a wide dirt road. Drive another 1.4 miles, past the shooting range, and pull off at the small wood corral and equestrian staging area. Gather your stuff and walk east through the gate and back north to the top of the grassy hill between the oaks.

Flying:  Core slopers are not going to be impressed with this site, as the hill is not very high, and the wind is variable and perforated with thermals. This is a nice site to test fly a new light sloper though as the rocks are few and the grass is deep. Floater thermal ships also can get a boost from the small hill, and you can easily set up a bungie or highstart here. As the hill faces SW, a NW wind does not work here--only a south or SW wind will work here.

Yahoo map of the area. .

TopoZone topographic map of the area. Park at the "Corral" and walk up "394T"

Intelllicast Weather at Beale AirForce Base, just a few miles away to the SW.

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Rob Crockett